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Tandoori House, Takeaway and Home Delivery Service


Our 'Bring Your Own'

We do not serve alcohol but we are more than happy for you to bring your own. We:

  • Supply you with all glasses you need.
  • Can keep your
    drinks chilled
  • Charge no 'corkage' fees whatsoever.

Traditional regional dishes .. prepared by experts.

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The book of mormon Charlotte The Book Of Mormon Belk Theatre at Blumenthal Performing Arts Center may 12 2023 was an utterly delightful experience. From the start, the audience was enthralled with the show's cleverly written script, which is full of acerbic wit and sardonic humor. The actors and actresses were all well-rehearsed and gave impeccable performances; the choreography was especially impressive, with each dance move executed with precision. The set design was spectacular, with detailed backdrops and props that were both intricate and dynamic. The audience was enraptured by the clever dialogue and infectious energy of the cast, and the melodic score created a captivating atmosphere. The show was a testament to the power of live performance and a reminder of why theatre is so beloved.

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