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Tandoori House, Takeaway and Home Delivery Service

Main Courses

This is our list of main courses - these will form the basis of your meal. You might like to have a look as well. Don't forget to choose from our list to accompany your meal.

Our telephone number for takeaway and home delivery orders is 01296 484454


The Tandoori is a barrel shaped charcoal-fired clay oven. These dishes are made from special fresh spices and are marinated in yoghurt spiced sauce. Extra effort is required in their preparation. Tandoori dishes are served with salad.

Two pieces of 'on the bone' Spring Chicken, marinated in specially selected spices, barbecued in the clay oven.
King Prawn marinated in special spices and barbecued in the clay oven.
Pieces of Mutton, King Prawn, Chicken and Seekh Kebab, all marinated in special herbs and spices and cooked in the clay oven.
Tender Mutton pieces in special spicy yoghurt sauce and barbecued in the clay oven.

Pieces of Spring Chicken 'off the bone', lightly spiced in a special yoghurt sauce and barbecued in the clay oven.

Our home made naan breads
are always popular

A curry is a dish in which there are a number of spices and herbs used in producing a variety of blends that can be graded in different degrees from very mild to a very hot curry. There are flavours to suit every individual taste. Please ask for advice if you are not sure.
(Rice is not included with curry).


KURMA DISHES are mild and are cooked in a sauce of almonds, special spices and cream.
Murg Kurma £4.70
Gosht Kurma £4.80
Prawn Kurma £5.90
King Prawn Kurma £7.00
Vegetable Kurma £4.30

PLAIN DISHES are medium hot and saucy.
Murg Curry £4.40
Gosht Curry £4.50
Prawn Curry £5.90
King Prawn Curry £7.00
Vegetable Curry £4.20

BHUNA DISHES are medium spicy and well cooked with onion and tomato.
Murg Bhuna £4.70
Gosht Bhuna £4.80
Prawn Bhuna £5.90
King Prawn Bhuna £7.00
Vegetable Bhuna £4.20

MIRPURI DISHES are cooked with pineapple and bananas - a sweet and sour curry.
Murg Mirpuri £4.60
Gosht Mirpuri £4.70
Vegetable Mirpuri £4.20

BURMI DISHES are hot, sweet and sour with coconut.
Murg Burmi £4.60
Gosht Burmi £4.70
Vegetable Burmi £4.20

PIAZA DISHES are well cooked and spiced with fried onions - medium dry.
Murg Piaza £4.70
Gosht Piaza £4.80
Prawn Piaza £5.90.
Vegetable Piaza £4.20

RAJORI DISHES are slightly hot with potatoes and egg
Murg Rajori £4.60
Gosht Rajori £4.70
Prawn Rajori £6.00

ANANAS DISHES are medium to mild, sweet and sour with pineapple.
Murg Ananas £4.60
Gosht Ananas £4.70
Prawn Ananas £5.90
King Prawn Ananas £7.00
Vegetable Ananas £4.20

ROGHAN DISHES are medium hot, well spiced and cooked in butter with thick gravy and fried tomatoes and green capsicum on top.
Murg Roghan £4.60
Gosht Roghan £4.80
Vegetable Roghan £4.30
Prawn Roghan £6.40

DALPURI DISHES are well spiced and cooked with lentils. Slightly hot, sweet and sour.
Murgh Dalpuri £4.60
Gosht Dalpuri £4.80
Prawn Dalpuri £5.90
King Prawn Dalpuri £7.00
Vegetable Dalpuri £4.20

SAAG DISHES are medium hot, cooked with spinach and fresh spices.
Murg Saag £4.80
Gosht Saag £5.00
Prawn Saag £6.00
King Prawn Saag £7.00
Vegetable Saag £4.20

MADRAS DISHES are fairly hot, spicy and sour.
Murg Madras £4.50
Gosht Madras £4.70
Prawn Madras £5.90
King Prawn Madras £7.00
Vegetable Madras £4.20

VINDALOO DISHES are very hot spiced curries.
Murg Vindaloo £4.60
Gosht Vindaloo £4.80
Prawn Vindaloo £6.10
King Prawn Vindaloo £7.10
Vegetable Vindaloo £4.20

TINDALOO DISHES are extra hot.
Murg Tindaloo £4.70
Tindaloo £5.00
Tindaloo £6.30
King Prawn
Tindaloo £7.30

BIRYANI is an oriental delicacy cooked in ghee with basmati rice and selected herbs and spices, garnished with eggs and tomatoes. Accompanied with vegetable curry.
Murg Biryani £6.80
Biryani £7.00
Biryani £7.70
King Prawn
Biryani £8.80
Biryani £6.00

BHAJI DISHES are all fresh vegetables cooked in ghee with fresh spices, herbs and onions and served with a thick gravy. 
Alo Saag Bhaji £3.20
Aubergine Bhaji £3.20
Mixed Vegetable Bhaji £3.20
Mushroom Bhaji £3.20
Cauliflower Bhaji £3.20
Masala Dhal £3.20
Bindi Bhaji £3.20

Aloo Gobi £3.20
Bombay Alo £3.20
Saag Bhaji £3.20

Tarka Dhal £3.20
Lahori Aloo - cooked with egg £3.20

Chana Bhaji (Masala) £3.20
Mutter Paneer £3.20
Saag Paneer £3.20
Channa Dhal £3.20
Saag Dhal £3.20

Aloo Dhal £3.20

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